Endeavor Mine is hiring again

Production at the Endeavor Mine is set to ramp up again with the company aiming to employ more than 100 people over the next four months.

Mine manager Denver D’Angelo said CBH Resources, the mine’s parent company, made the decision last Tuesday.

“Following the company’s board meeting our recommendation to ramp up production at Endeavor in 2017 has been approved,” Mr D’Angelo told The Cobar Weekly.

He said production at the mine would remain steady until April 2017 at which point it will be more than doubled.

He said they were aiming to reach a production target of 40,000 tonnes per month by May 2017.

“We will commence employing personnel immediately to assist with the preparations and training required for such a step up in production over that time,” Mr D’Angelo said.

“Between December 2016 and March 2017 Endeavor will employ 107 personnel including contractors. As part of the ramp up recommendation an extensive underground exploration drilling program has also been approved that will commence early January 2017.

“The company is very focussed on extending the current life of mine at Endeavor.

“The 2016 reserve confirms a life of mine out to 2019, it is hoped with exploration success and other initiatives currently being progressed that we see the mine last well into the 2020s,” Mr D’Angelo said.