Endeavor cuts majority of staff

Almost 60 workers at the Endeavor Mine will lose their jobs in the coming fortnight as the mine moves into care and maintenance mode.

Following a review of the mine’s operating strategies, Endeavor’s parent company CBH Resources announced on Friday there would be retrenchments as the operation is placed into care and maintenance.

“This comes as a result of the depletion of the current known reserve and the time and cost required to obtain access to deeper known resources,” Visko Sulicich, CBH’s Chief Operating Officer said.

“The current workforce of 61 full time CBH employees will be reduced to four employees to oversee the operation during the care and maintenance period. This decision has not been taken lightly,” Mr Sulicich said.

“In the coming days we will consult with all our employees and put in place support services to assist people who are affected as a result of these changes.”

Endeavor’s general manager Craig Singleton said milling remains on track to be completed this Friday and completion of the transition to Care and Maintenance of the mine will occur at the end of the month.

The first lot of retrenchments began yesterday, with more to be made this Friday while  the last lot of retrenchments will be completed by the end of December.

“The displaced employees that reside in company housing are offered three months free rent,” Mr Singleton said.

“Some employees have expressed an interest in purchasing the home they reside in, and we are currently working through this process.

“Outside of that no housing is being offered for sale at this stage.”

Mr Singleton is among the mine’s workers who are being made redundant, leaving the company on December 31.

“We are making every effort to assist displaced employees, through offering an outplacement service, redeployment options within the company and offering surrounding mines to visit site to meet with employees,” Mr Singleton said.