Drivers reminded to slow down in our school zones

Cobar drivers are reminded to slow down and take extra care in school zones, as local schools are still open for families who need it.
Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said while regional NSW is still in lockdown, drivers are reminded to slow down and take extra care when travel-ling near schools with 40km/h school zones still in place.
“Drivers need to be aware that some stu-dents are still going to school, so it’s cru-cial they remain aware when travelling through school zones to help protect some of our most vulnerable road users,” Mr Toole said.
“To help keep children safe, the NSW Government has made sure every school has at least one set of flashing lights, with additional sets also installed outside many schools with multiple busy entrances.
“We’re also investing an extra $18.5 mil-lion to provide 300 new School Crossing Supervisors – with 275 already on the ground, including 65 in regional NSW – offering more protection for children and improved visibility of crossings for motorists.”
Higher fines and demerit points also ap-ply to certain driving and parking offences committed within school zones.