CSA made a conscious decision to use local businesses

CSA Mine chose to use four local businesses when they were looking to make modifications to their new fleet of underground light vehicles and are very happy with the finished products. ▪ Photo contributed

CSA Mine made a conscious decision to use local businesses when they were looking to set up their new fleet of underground light vehicles.
CSA’s Underground Mobile Maintenance Foreman Dave Hobden said there’s a bit in-volved in preparing a vehicle straight out of the factory to get it ready for a life of working more than 1,800 metres underground.
Dave said it was very much a conscious decision that they use four local suppliers, Ces’ Motor Trimming, Cobar Steel, Cobar Ultra Finish and GTM Automotive, to help get the vehicles ready.
“They have historical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the applications the vehicles will be working in.
“They also have access to latest technology products,” Dave said.
CSA’s fleet of light vehicles, Landcruiser utes, are used throughout the mine to transport people, tools and work equipment and this new lot are earmarked to be used under-ground.
“The average life expectancy of a new Landcruiser ute is 1.7 years,” Dave said.
“We are hoping to gain additional life with the protective coatings and modifications we have done.”
The modifications carried out to the new fleet by Ces’ Motor Trimmings included cus-tom designed and built heavy duty vinyl seat covers (to protect the seats and upholstery).
Dave said they also made modifications to the trays and they worked with Cobar Steel to come up with a heavy duty custom designed tray which best suited their particular require-ments.
“They are stronger and more robust than ‘off the shelf’ trays,” he explained.
The team at Cobar Ultra-Finish sprayed external and internal protective liners to the vehicles which is aimed at mitigating rust.
They have also fitted stainless steel door sill protectors.
GTM Automotive have supplied and fitted each vehicle with a range of auto electrical equipment including a light bar, isolators and speed limiters.
Dave said the completed vehicles have just arrived on site and he’s very impressed with the finished products.
“We will continue to use the local suppliers wherever we can as the supply and service they give us is second to none.
“They are always ready to assist and change where necessary to help us achieve the best outcomes for CSA and the suppliers.”
He said CSA was pleased to be able to use local businesses which helps to put money back into the local economy and supports local jobs.