Cobar tops the district’s rainfall after heavy falls

Cobar has recorded the best rainfall in the district with 42mm officially recorded for the week by the Cobar Meteorological Office.

A late afternoon storm on Friday brought 100km/h wind gusts before heavy rain.

Further heavy rain in the early hours of Saturday morning saw 38.6mm in the gauge, with more falls on Saturday night taking the weekly total to 42mm.

Bourke recorded 20mm while Louth and Tilpa both had 22mm.

The rain was very welcome for Cobar with less than 1mm falling for the rest of April.

The rain kept the temperature down over the weekend with 25.9 degrees recorded Saturday and 23.5 on Sunday, down from 29 and 28 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Mostly sunny conditions are expected for the rest of this week before the chance of some rain over the weekend.

A top of 22 degrees is forecast today and 24 degrees tomorrow with light winds and mostly sunny days.

Friday is heading for a top of 26 degrees with a mostly sunny day.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a top of 26 degrees on Saturday with a high chance of a shower or two later in the day.

There is also a high chance of showers on Sunday with between 3mm-10mm expected and a top temperature of 22 degrees.