Cobar and all around the region cops a drenching

In addition to witnessing a lot of rain in our skies over the past week, we also had a
pretty good light show from the recent Aurora Australis geomagnetic storm. ▪ Photo
supplied by Cathy Francisco

Local landholder Megan Mosely has described the past two weeks’ rain across the district as being “proper wet” after they recorded 134mm at Etiwanda, 100km south of Cobar.

Rory Harland had 174mm in his gauge 20km south of Nymagee, the Rogers at Kulwin (between Cobar and Ivanhoe) had 118mm last week and 35mm the week before which made for a total of 153mm for the fortnight.

The rain was widespread with 101mm recorded at Carline 42km north of Cobar; at Boulkra, 100km west of Cobar, they received  91mm; and Jenniffer Barton at Meralda, just west of Cobar, reports a total of 85mm fell in their gauge.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Cobar has received 101mm of rain this month to date.

That’s 43mm short of our wettest May on record which was recorded in 1977, but we are only halfway through the month!

Cobar’s total rain for the year to date is 323.6mm which is significantly more than we’d had by his time last year (128.4mm)…Full report and forecast in this week’s edition out now!