Census data gives a Cobar snapshot

Data from the 2016 Census Data for Population and Housing has been released, giving a snapshot of life in Cobar.

On Census night (August 9, 2016) Cobar had a population of 3,990, with 2,035 males and 1,953 females.

The 641 people aged between 25 and 34 represent the largest age group living in Cobar, with the median age of residents being 35.

There were 472 people in Cobar who identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and 3,306 of us are Australian citizens.

When it comes to religion, 2,606 stated that they identified as Christian, with 752 ticking they had no religion.

Questions about marital status revealed 1,408 married residents call Cobar home, 130 were separated, 271 divorced, 190 widowed and 1,108 never married.

The Census statistics showed that young families make up the biggest part of Cobar’s population, with 1,328 people identifying as part of a couple with children under 15 years of age; by contrast 276 people identified themselves as being in a couple with no children under 15.

In August 2016, 71 children were receiving preschool education, 345 were in primary school, 220 were secondary students, while 84 were completing technical education, and 52 were university students.

Most Cobar households listed their weekly income between $2,000 and $2,999 per week.

This year’s Census found that 701 Cobar residents participated in volunteer activity.

It is more common in Cobar for households to own two cars (549) than one (478).

The majority of us (3,176 people) live in separate house dwellings, with 40 people in townhouses; 131 in units/flats and 49 were in caravans or similar on the night.

More people own their home outright (428) or with a mortgage (361) than those who rent (559) with the highest proportion of renters  (162) paying $150-$199 per week.