Celebrating Cobar’s own cult classic

Planning is well underway for a unique car festival to be held in Cobar next year in conjunction with the Festival of the Miner’s Ghost.

Event organiser Ben Hewlett outlined his plans for the ‘Running On Empty’ car movie festival to be held in 2018.

‘Running On Empty’ was released in 1982 and is an iconic movie which was filmed mostly in and around Cobar.

The film has developed a cult following among car enthusiasts.

The festival will celebrate the movie by having a collection of the star cars, fans and hopefully those involved in the film production.

Mr Hewlett explained that there was not enough time to organise the event to be held this year but planning has begun to hold it in 2018  as a one off event.

“I am planning activities so that people that come to town for Running On Empty will have time and opportunity to be involved with Miner’s Ghost Festival.

“That way we hopefully get people returning for Miner’s Ghost,” Mr Hewlett explained.

The events planned so far include a Show and Shine, a cruise around town and
surrounds with visits to the locations used
in the film, a barbecue lunch in Canbelego where a garage for the film once stood and a dinner with a question and answer session for those involved with the film.

Mr Hewlett said he has been talking with several of the film’s production crew and those who supplied the iconic cars for the movie.

Based on early feedback and the response through the event’s social media page
and website, Mr Hewlett said attendance at the festival looks like it will be very promising.

“I would guess around 600-800 people will be here just for the Running On Empty festival.

“It’s not hard to do the economic math on that many people in town,” Mr Hewlett said.