Camels triumph over Barracudas

The Mixed League Tag competition resumed last Thursday night at Tom Knight Memorial Oval after a short recess.

The match between the Camels and Barracudas was a thriller with the Camels finishing as narrow 5-4 winners.

Kym Sutton led the try scoring for her Camels team with two tries (worth four points as female tries are worth two points each) and Travis Schintler crossed for a try also.

In reply, Laura Ah-See crossed twice for the Barracudas.

Racks and Sacks finished as 10-7 winners in their match against Idunno.

Racks and Sacks have a very ‘good’ team with their tries recorded by Braith Good (2), Dusty Good (2), Jacob Good and Taylah Good along with Seb Best.

Lucy Bell, Casey Piggott, Summer Bullion and Ryan Urquhart were Idunno’s try scorers.

JKM Phat Athletes’ many years of experience showed in their match with Junior League last week with JKM Phat Athletes winning 12-5.

Tanya Gilbert scored twice with her JKM Phat Athletes team mates Alistair Travis, Alex Hernando, Bianka Jacobson, Chris Gilbert and Summer Patterson all adding a try each to their big tally.

Junior League’s points were recorded by Ben Griffiths, Lochlan Ford (2), Josh Scott and Elias Aumua.