Best friends make a pact to shave off their long locks

Local eleven year olds Jordyne Brilley and Tiana Jones will cut all their long, gorgeous hair off next month to help kids with cancer and raise money for the Cobar Miners Memorial. They are hoping the Cobar community will support them.

Best friends Jordyne Brilley and Tiana Jones have decided to shave their heads which they hope will help out two worthwhile causes.

The 11-year-olds are shaving their heads to raise money for the Cobar Miners Memorial and their hair will go towards making wigs for children with cancer.

The pair made a pact to cut off their long locks and donate them after earlier this year Tiana’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and Jordyne lost her dad while working in the mines.

The girls will be looking for sponsors and will take donations to have their heads shaved next month at the Christmas Street Parade.

The friends will have their hair cut first with their pony tails to go to Angel Wigs, a specialist company, that makes wigs for kids with cancer.

For the girls to donate their hair, it needs to be 30cm or longer (both have an abundance of hair, so they easily fit that criteria) and hair needs to be free from permanent or semi permanent hair dye (which theirs is).

Angel Wigs advise that it takes about 10 to 20 pony tails to make one wig.

While both of the girls say their mothers are “freaking out about the whole thing” Jordyne is really excited about the prospect of shaving her head and Tiana is not concerned in the least, assuring her mum that “it’s just hair and it will grow back”.

Tiana’s mum Jodie will be away on the night the girls are planning their shave while Jordyne’s mum Rebecca joked that she’ll probably have to go for a few drinks at the pub to help her get through it.

Both mums are however incredibly proud of their brave daughters and are 100 per cent behind their girls.

The brave pair are also receiving lots of local support with Jade and Bonnie Buckman from Processhouse, a local graphic design business, getting on board and donating mining themed
t-shirts to be sold as part of the girls’ fundraiser.

Jordyne has a ‘Metre Eater’ t-shirt, which has been dedicated to her dad Mark Brilley.