A workshop in life drawing but not as you know

Grace Burge, Stacy Tranter, Ellie Smith, Jade Williamson, Beth Thomas and Cairo
Haronga with life drawing model (and comedian) Sean Michaels last Wednesday night at the Life Drawing with a Comedian workshop at the Pink Galah art studio. ▪ Photo contributed

A group of budding artists (and others looking for a fun night out) took part in a life drawing workshop with a difference last week.

Life Drawing with a Comedian, presented by Outback Arts and Creative NSW, was held at the Pink Galah art studio with 21 participants taking part.

It’s partly an art workshop and partly a comedy show making it educational as well as entertaining. The Life Drawing with a Comedian concept of artist Sam Kissajukian was adopted by ‘Laugh Mob’ and has toured all around the world.

Stand-up comedian, Sean Michaels, hosted the Cobar workshop and explained how it worked.

“It is a bit of an introductory class, Life Drawing with a Comedian. If you don’t know what life drawing is, it’s being inspired by the life in front of you, typically they are nude,” he told The Cobar Weekly.

(Mr Michaels however did not pose nude for the Cobar workshop or other workshops on this tour.)

“We go through a bunch of different poses, teach participants how to draw life models first and then explore some different art styles.

“And by the end of it, we are giggling and we are laughing.

“You can have a couple of drinks along the way and, of course, it’s hosted by a comedian so it’s usually quite funny.

“Participants can expect to have a great time and also learn some things.

“Someone came up to me after a workshop and said ‘I enjoyed that. I really learned something’.

“I thought that was great, but I hope they laughed as well!

Mr Michaels said multiple comedians have presented the workshops and all are different as they are interactive.

He calculates he’s taught about 200 of these unique art classes.

“I’m definitely a comedian first if you’ve ever seen me draw.

“I’m more comfortable being the subject of art than doing the art itself.”

Local artist Seigrid Peters was one of the participants and said it was poles apart from  what she does with her art.

“It was something new for Cobar.

“People seemed to enjoy scribbling and having a go, learning new things and doing something a bit different,” Seigrid said.