World-renowned pianist visits the Cobar Sound Chapel

While in Cobar recently to play a concert, world-renowned pianist, Roman Rudnytsky, visited Cobar’s Sound Chapel to soak up the atmosphere. ▪ Photo contributed

Roman Rudnytsky’s recent visit to Cobar, hosted by the Cobar Arts Council, took him on a tourist trail around town.
Roman visited Fort Bourke Hill Lookout for a closer look into the depths of the open cut mine taking this in with one of our rich burnt orange sunsets as a background.
He took a walk through the Miners Memo-rial and picnicked beside the waters of the Newey.
As a musician he took great interest in visit-ing the Sound Chapel and indicated that the architecture artistically befitted the environ-ment.
Roman commented that the William Blake quote moulded into the inside wall at the Sound Chapel, “There is a Void, outside of Existence, which if enter’d into Englobes itself & becomes a Womb” re-mained relevant in today’s world.
Roman spent some time soaking up the Sound Chapel atmosphere with the contem-porary music composition being played with-in.
His concert at the Cobar Memorial Services Club was another success for Cobar Arts Council having several younger pianists per-form for an audience followed by Roman’s more classic concert program.—contributed