Vinnies volunteers are back on deck after lockdown

With lockdown restrictions now eased in
Cobar our local Vinnies volunteers are
back hard at work.
The Cobar Vinnies store, which offers used
clothing, accessories, books, toys, brick-a-brac,
household items, sporting goods and bedding,
re-opened to the public last Wednesday.
Vinnies volunteer, Patti Pratt, said the store
had been closed over the lockdown period,
however she and another volunteer, Robyn
Baker, had been going in and periodically
clearing the donation bin.
“We really appreciate that people filled the
bin and didn’t just leave bags and mess around
during lockdown,” Patti said.
She said Vinnies head office had directed
staff that they were only allowed to clear the
bin and were not permitted to do any sorting
during the lockdown period.
That big job was done by the staff last Monday
and Tuesday before the shop re-opened to
the public on Wednesday.
The shop has been very busy since they reopened.
Patti said they have set up a couple of sales
racks to help move the large surplus of clothing
that had been donated over the lockdown
With all but one of their volunteers back on
deck, the store is now able to be open five days
a week, but Patti said they still don’t have
enough staff to open on Saturday mornings
(which in the past has proved to be their best
trading day).
Vinnies encourages anyone keen to lend a
hand to go along and talk to the staff.