Vinnies the latest to shut the doors due to Coronavirus

Vinnies volunteers Bev O’Brien and Thelma Rolingson are sad to see the local Vinnies store closing.

The Cobar Vinnies store closed its doors on Thursday afternoon for an indefinite amount of time.

Local staff were given a directive by the St Vincent de Paul Society West Region to close until further notice.

“Vinnies is run solely by volunteers who are considered vulnerable for the Coronavirus.

“The safety of our volunteers is paramount,” the Vinnies spokesperson said.

Cobar Vinnies store volunteer Bev O’Brien said it was a shame.

“We hate doing it, but we’ve been directed to close.

“Working with the public means we’re exposed,” Mrs O’Brien said.

She said for many families, Vinnies clothing was their only affordable option.

Mrs O’Brien said some of their local volunteers will still be working behind the scenes clearing the donation bin on a regular basis and sorting clothing.

Vinnies head office said the charity will continue to assist people in the community who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and disadvantage.

Vinnies are developing continuity plans and are determined to be there for people in need during this difficult time.