Two Yabbies with spot on swims

Two spot on swims were recorded at the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming Club competition swim last Tuesday night at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool.

Scott Toomey scored the first 0.00 result of the night when he swam to spot on his nominated time in the 30 metres freestyle handicapped event.

Jesci Clark was narrowly behind with 0.03 seconds off his time and Andrew Watts was a little further back in third place on 0.09.

Matt Harland recorded the other “perfect” result in the 100m swim.

Harland clocked 0.00 with Scott Toomey second on 0.29 and Jason Toomey finished back in third place on 0.91.

Mark Fenton was the best placed in the 50m swim after he finished within 0.10 seconds of his nominated time.

Murray Harland was second on 0.40 and Stephen Clark was third with 0.44.

John Carswell and Bill Fugar teamed up to win the Brace Relay novelty event, breaststroke across the pool.

They finished with a combined time of 0.31 seconds off their nominated time.

It was a tie for second place between the team of Colin ‘Butch’ Eves and Chris Powell as well as Ross Davidson and Mark Fenton.

Both teams finished with 0.47 seconds of their nominated times.