Three generations to lose their locks for a common cause

Three generations of one family, Amy Barraclough, Molly Barraclough and Joanne Miller, will shave their heads next month to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

There’s definitely a family resemblance between Joanne Miller, her daughter Amy Barraclough and granddaughter Molly and that’s probably going to be more obvious next month when they shave their heads.

The three generations have signed up for the Services Club’s Shave for a Cure fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation on March 19 and will be sporting No 2 haircuts after the event.

It was originally Joanne’s idea to shave her head for charity and she asked Amy to join her.

“It sounded like a good idea not to have to brush my hair for a while,” Amy joked.

Joanne also suggested Molly might like to shave her head for charity too.

“She wasn’t too keen at first but when she found out that her hair could go towards making wigs for kids with cancer, she said yes,” Joanne said.

Donated hair of 30cm or more in length is needed to make wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair during medical treatments.

“The hairdressers reckon Molly probably
has enough hair to make two wigs!” Joanne said.

Molly was also sold on the idea when it was pointed out to her that she could cut her own hair without getting into trouble from anyone.

Sadly Joanne’s family, like many other local families, is no stranger to cancer.

Over the past eight years Joanne has lost two brothers, a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law to the terrible disease while another brother-in-law is recovering after treatment for prostate cancer.

The trio has made a start on their fundraising and had raised just over $900 by last Thursday.

“Our goal is to raise more than the dogs last year,” Amy said.

Last year the Services Club Shave for a Cure event featured a couple of local dogs and raised over $5,000.

“We need to raise more than the dogs!” Amy said adamantly.

They are currently running raffles, 100 clubs, morning teas, will hold a trivia night and are also collecting donations from local businesses for a monster raffle.

People can also donate online or give to the collection tins around town.

The three generations aren’t too concerned how they will look after they have their heads shaved although Amy, who is a Family Day Carer, is a bit concerned her bald head might scare some of her kids.

“I’ve got hats and scarves to wear, it won’t be a problem,” she said.


When it was suggested their hair might grow back a different colour, Joanne hoped all the grey in hers would be gone.

“But knowing my luck it will all come back grey!” she said.

Amy suggested hers might come back red and wondered if her husband might find himself with a fiery redhead while dark haired Molly is now pondering what she might look like as a blonde.