Three big winners at monthly shoot

A squad of 13 shooters competed in the Cobar Clay Target Club’s monthly shoot on Sunday in sunny conditions.

Rob Thompson (AA Grade), Jarrod Barraclough (B Grade) and Todd Polack (C Grade) were the big winners on the day winning all four events in their respective grades.

There was a tie in the first event contested, a 20 Target Double Barrel shoot.

Hank Pritchard and Rob Thompson both shot possibles (perfect scores) of 20/20 to tie for first place in AA Grade.

Nicholas Short was the top A Grade shooter with 19/20 and Jarrod Barraclough won B Grade, also with a score of 19/20.

Young Todd Polack finished with 16/20 to win the C Grade section.

In the second event of the day, the 25 Target Single Barrel event, Thompson was again the top AA Grade shooter with 23/25 while in A Grade Short was the winner with 25/25.

Barraclough took out the B Grade title with 23/25 and in C Grade, Polack won with 18/25.

In the 20 Target Continental event, Thompson couldn’t be beaten in AA Grade with a possible score of 20/20.

Equal first in A Grade with 19/20, were Blake Dunn and Peter Hosier.

The B Grade prize again went the way of Barraclough who finished with 18/20 and Polack’s score of 14/20 won him C Grade.

In the final event of the shoot, contestants shot in the 10 Pair Double Rise event.

Thompson finished off the day with a clean sweep win taking first place in AA Grade.

Tony Polack picked up the win in A Grade ; Barraclough was again out in front in in B Grade and Todd Polack couldn’t be beaten in C Grade.