The sky is the limit for local business AWI Consulting

AWI Consulting’s Angela Webb is planning to offer outreach services to clients using their recently purchased Piper Lance plane. ▪ Photo contributed
AWI Consulting’s Angela Webb is planning to offer outreach services to clients using their recently purchased Piper Lance plane. ▪ Photo contributed

Things are really taking off for one local business with AWI Consulting now heading to the skies to offer outreach services to their clients.

AWI Consulting business owner and psychologist Angela Webb said following the purchase of a six seater Piper Lance plane she was excited the business would now be able to offer outreach services to neighbouring communities.

“Rural and remote communities often find it difficult to attract registered mental health professionals with experience and qualifications to provide specialised treatment,” Ms Webb said.

“Our Registered Psychologists utilise a number of evidence based treatments for people suffering from depression, anxiety, complex childhood trauma, and other mental health issues. We also work with grief and loss, self esteem, communication, relationships and stress management,” she said.

AWI currently provides care and counselling to residents of Cobar, Parkes and Orange and is looking at expanding their services to Bourke, Brewarrina, Nyngan, Walgett and Lightning Ridge.

“We have chosen towns that are not only in a close proximity to Cobar (most are less than an hour by plane), but also those towns that currently have an unmet need for psychological services,” Ms Webb said.

“AWI Consulting are currently using Cobar as a base to outreach to neighbouring towns.”

Ms Webb said AWI had received a recent influx of inquiries from residents from neighbouring towns contacting them directly for service as well as GP referrals.

“Our research shows that there are significant service delivery gaps within these towns for client centred psychological strategies for individual clients, particularly adults.

“There is an un-met need for psychological assessment (e.g. IQ testing and behavioural strategies) for children from 3-14 years.

“There is also a glaring need for more Psychologists in our area with the skills/ability to work with survivors of complex trauma (PTSD/Sexual Assault).

“With Psychologists wanting to spend more time with clients and less time on the road, air travel was a logical conclusion,” Ms Webb said.

“Purchasing a plane that can carry not only five passengers, but also luggage gives us the ability to travel to where we are needed quickly and without worrying about road traffic/wildlife.”

“We will utilise the aircraft to provide Psychological and allied health services using Cobar as a base.

“The aircraft will also allow AWI Consulting to provide rapid response for critical incidents, (such as mining) in a shorter time than Psychologists from Dubbo/Sydney etc.

Ms Webb has recently undertaken her Private Pilot’s License training and endorsements to fly the Piper Lance.

Since the Cobar-based business started in 2010 it has expanded to currently contract five Psychologists and provide service from Cobar to Orange NSW and is currently looking to recruit another.

“This new recruit will be instrumental in decreasing our current Cobar waiting list (up to three weeks for some programs), managing client intake and prioritisation, and in servicing clients in Cobar, Bourke and Brewarrina in early 2016.

As the winner of the 2016 Professional Services section of the Great Cobar Business Awards, Ms Webb said AWI remains committed to offering the Cobar community a high standard psychological service while also expanding their services into the greater western NSW area.