Technology brings more medical services to Cobar residents

Technology is helping communities like Cobar to have better access to important health services.

A new pilot project at Cobar Health Service, the new Virtual Outpatient Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service (VOMPS), will give Cobar residents access to Western NSW Local Health District’s (Western NSWLHD) physiotherapy services via Tele Health.

Orange Health Service Physiotherapist Amy Archer said the Western NSWLHD is committed to improving access to services for people across the district.

“We want to provide care as close to home as possible to reduce the social and financial implications that are associated with travel and time away from home,” Ms Archer said.

“Via Tele Health, and with the help of a clinical support person based in Cobar, I am able to assess and treat various musculoskeletal conditions by prescribing exercise, and by providing education and coaching.

“This project is for people who don’t have face to face access to a physiotherapist and need one on one care,” Ms Archer said.

“This could be someone who has just had surgery, or broken a bone, or someone who has a chronic illness.”

She said the program might be of benefit in the cases of: people with back and neck pain that have been cleared of neurological involvement by their GP; peripheral joint issues eg shoulder/elbow/knee/hip/ankle; post fractures and removal of casts; post orthopaedic surgery and need to start moving; post mechanical fall with soft tissue injury and/or balance impairment; hip and knee osteoarthritis for mobility; and preparation for surgery eg rotator cuff strengthening.

Clinics are to run fortnightly at the Cobar Health Service.