Tarra Burke reckons she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

Community Health nurse Tarra Burke said one of the perks of her job is to get to have cuddles with lots of cute babies, including three month Halle Egan, pictured above

Born and bred Cobar local, Tarra Burke, believes she has the best job in the world and Tarra also reckons she lives in one of the best places in the world.

As a child and family health nurse at Cobar Community Health, Tarra sees on average about 25-30 families each week.

“I love working with babies, children and families,” Tarra said.

In her role she monitor babies’ and children’s growth and helps to support their parents.

“It really is a beautiful job. It can be fun

“I love getting a little smile or giggle from a baby or listening to a story from a toddler,” she said.

“I get to watch them grow over the years during their visits to me.”

Even things like immunising babies brings Tarra pleasure.

It’s a very satisfying part of my role as a child and family health nurse to be the one administering vaccines that will protect little people for the rest of their lives from diseases that are very dangerous.

“I not only love my job because of working with the kids and families that I see at
community health but also because of where
I work too. I work with the best team of nurses.

“Being happy at your work place is a huge part of your life and not dreading going to work is a blessing.

“I know how lucky I am to have my job.”

Tarra said sadly this year she has noticed and heard of a lot of families leaving Cobar.

She also noticed there’s been less new families moving to town.

She said many who have left have told her it’s been for the same reason – to move back to their families.

“Others have commented that they’re leaving for more opportunities and sometimes it’s for work,” she said.

Tarra however has no plans to leave.

“I have lived in Cobar all my life, other than for two years when I first finished nursing and I lived in Dubbo.

“Even when I was at uni for four years [in Armidale and Dubbo] I would only go to university during the week and drive home to Cobar on the weekends.

“I love living in Cobar especially since my family live in Cobar.”

Tarra said she is grateful for the miner’s wage her husband Josh earns which has helped them to buy their own home (she was 24 when they bought their home) and also given them a lot of other opportunities.

“Many other families don’t get this opportunity living in other places in Australia especially at a young age.

“I also have a great group of friends here.

“I love being busy and Cobar is a great place to live if you like to be involved with or go to community events because there is always something on, especially for families.”

As a wife, mother of three, working full time and also volunteering at her children’s school, Tarra is certainly kept busy.

“I love the kids’ school. It’s such a beautiful little community.

“I love to going our pool in summer, we are so lucky to have a pool like we do.

“I love hanging at the skate park with the kids – such a great place for all ages.

“For us Cobar gives us all the opportunities we need and want especially sports-wise,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure if we lived in another town my kids wouldn’t be able to do horse riding, football, little athletics, swimming club, squad, swimming lessons and dance all in the same year.”

If she has one dislike about living in Cobar, Tarra said it’s “the garden situation”.

Tarra wishes Cobar had access to enough water so that she could grow a lush garden around her home.