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Possibles shot despite windy weather

The Cobar Clay Target Club’s monthly shoot on Sunday was attended by 12 shooters, with everyone enjoying a relaxing day, after the club’s major event in August. The shooters participated in a four event program in sunny and very windy conditions still with some possibles (perfect scores) being recorded. The […]

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Making yourself a priority

Cobar Community Health staff held an information day and barbecue at Drummond Park on Friday to mark Women’s Health Week. Healthy women make for healthy families, and during Women’s Health Week, women were being reminded to make themselves and their health a priority. Women’s Health Nurse Rachael Slinger (pictured above […]

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Remembering a local legend

11 Cobar musicians from different eras gathered at the Services Club on Saturday night to pay tribute to one of Cobar’s finest musos, Keno Josephson, and his friends. Pictured are Sam ‘Keithy’ McBride, event organiser Gavin O’Donnell, Jamahl Hamilton, Garry ‘Blue Dog’ Josephson, Brad Wynd and Chic Simpson. As well […]

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Keeping kids safe

CatholicCare staff members Sharni Clark and Crystal Webster (with young Maybelle Hawkins) celebrated Child Protection Week last week. The staff cooked up a pancake feast, played hopscotch and did chalk drawings with children and spoke to members of the public about the ways to keep children in our community safe. […]

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Celebrating a piece of Cobar history

The Cobar community kicked up its heels last Thursday night to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Cobar’s museum. “If this old building could talk, what a tale she’d tell!” deputy mayor Peter Abbott said of  the Great Cobar Heritage Centre in his opening address. Cr Abbott and […]

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Camels celebrate end of a tough season

The Cobar Camels Rugby Club held their end of 2019 season presentations on Saturday night at the Ailsa Fitzsimmons Memorial clubhouse celebrating the end of a tough season. Former Australian Wallaby Brendan Cannon was welcomed as the evening’s guest speaker. Cannon (third from left at rear) is pictured with this […]