Students creating a new Cobar sign for western side of town

Cobar High School student Conor McMullen working on one of the letters for a new ‘Cobar’ sign for the western approach to town. The project is a joint effort between the school, Cobar Shire Council and KML Industries. ▪ Photo contributed

Cobar High School (CHS) Stage 5 and 6 metalwork students have been working on a new ‘Cobar’ sign.

Cobar Shire Council approached the school to assist with the project to create a new approach sign to the town, to be positioned beside the Barrier Highway at the western entrance to town.

CHS Principal Shane Carter said the school was delighted to spearhead the project.

Mr Carter enlisted the help of metalwork teacher Nick Collins to oversee the project, including coordinating the design, marking out and cutting of the signs.

Mr Collins said the students have been working as a team as they move, cut, force the letters apart with sledge hammers and then grind back the cuts.

“I recognised the high level of skill in many of my Year 11 and 12 students and the need for authentic work placement at school so put them in charge of various tasks,” Mr Collins said.

The sign, which is similar to the one at the Cornish Rest Area, consists of five 230kg, 6mm thick steel sheets.

Local engineering business KML Industries is also assisting with the project, and will add galvanised sheets behind each letter and prepare the steel supports.

Once the letters are ready, Cobar Shire Council will install them.

It is hoped the project will be complete by the end of this month.