Roy Butler retains a Barwon electorate office in Cobar

Member for Barwon Roy Butler with his Cobar electorate office staff Joy Martin and Danilla Cooney.▪ Photo contributed

Barwon’s new MP Roy Butler welcomed his staff to his Cobar Electorate Office last week.

Senior electorate officer Joy Martin and electorate officer Danilla Cooney make up Mr Butler’s team at the Barton Street office which was also past Barwon MP Kevin Humphries Cobar’ office.

The building had its new “team stripes” installed last week.

Mr Butler said electorate offices are very important in offering a source of contact between Barwon residents and himself.

“We need to have different channels and different opportunities for people to connect to us if we’re representing all age groups and all people,” Mr Butler said.

“Whether it’s a face to face meeting, sending a letter, email, a message through Facebook or a comment on a post on Instagram, we’ve got to give people an opportunity to connect on those different levels.”

Mr Butler said his electorate offices across Barwon do all the “heavy lifting” associated with communicating with ministers to push forward change and address issues.

“Without these offices, a lot of the work that goes on in a parliamentary sense wouldn’t happen.

“We just wouldn’t have the reps going out to the other ministers, the correspondence coming in, going out and being answered in a timely fashion,” he said.