Rip roaring win for Reynold’s Reggies

G’day sports fans, Reynold’s Reggies played their first game of the season on Saturday taking on the Narromine Jets in the Castlereagh Rugby League Reserve Grade competition.

Knowing this game was going to be tough, Cobar Roosters president Johnny Dunn made a few phone calls and flew in a family of young fellas from Ireland along with the chip and chase legend Peter Finn from New Zealand just for the game.

Finn being known for his quick thinking, saw some space in the mid field so took it upon himself to start the game with a small kick off over the Jets’ heads and regathered before the ball touched the ground and scored proving he is back in business.

Reynold Mugugia didn’t wait around, cementing his captaincy with effortless running and bone crushing tackles.

In front of all their sponsors, Narromine were keen to put on a show crossing the line following beautiful lead up play.

Cobar’s Irish imports might only be young in age but they know how to steer a team around the park with Oisin McMullen and Tadhg McMullen putting on a show and proving the plane tickets were not wasted.

Shane Suridge, with beautiful hands, offloaded a pass to Finn who then danced his way a further 40 metres down the flat before putting a  chip kick over the top which was gathered in by Tadhg McMullen who crossed to score and bring the scores even.

Narromine answered back pretty quickly with a busting run leaving Reynold’s Reggies on the deck everywhere.

Again the young fellas knowing that most Reserve Grade players are old, fat and slow, took advantage and from a penalty, Oisin McMullen and Kai Taylor joined forces and a 75 metre chip and chase effort resulted in Taylor crossing to score just prior to half time.

James Neyland slotted through the goal.

With a much needed cigarette for a few players at half time, the boys were ready for another half of footy.

Darren Muldoon forgot that he is 97 years old and was making serious metres with his bowling ball style of run.

Matthew Wang, new to the sport, was showing of some great defence on the wing, so did Nathan Kelly throwing his stick-like body into whatever moved in front of him.

Muldoon, with another stupidly big run, made  45 metres and blew away eight defenders before his old body snapped a ligament.

A few big runs saw the other 51 per cent Irishman, Chris Deighton, get a ball from Finn to fight his way over the try line.

Cobar had the lead and great footy from both sides was played for the next 10 minutes.

Narromine prevailed to take the lead with only three minutes to go.

Inspiring Mugugia metres lifted the worn out team, but this game was now only going to be won by the young fellas.

With the old fellas looking for wind, Taylor  and the Irish imports ducked, dived and skipped around the Narromine defence and Oisin McMullen scored with seconds to spare on the clock.

Finn converted the final try for Reynold’s Reggies to walk away as 20-16 victors, from a great spirited game from both sides.—Dido