Project set to commence on new home for our Girl Guides

The Council-owned former Ward Oval gatekeeper’s house in Maidens Avenue will be converted into the Cobar Girl Guides’ new home.

The Cobar Girl Guides group is set to get a much needed new home with the conversion of a Council-owned residence into a new Guide Hall about to commence.

The former Ward Oval gatekeeper’s house at the end of Maidens Avenue was last year earmarked as a suitable new location for the Girl Guides’ new home.

The conversion of the old three bedroom home into a community facility will include a large open plan layout with a new kitchen, accessible toilet and an entrance ramp.

Cobar Girl Guides leader Cathy Manns has been involved with the group since the 1990s and said their existing hall (which is an old re-located classroom from the public school) had sadly fallen into a bad state of disrepair including a recent discovery of white ants.

Mrs Manns said while the new hall will give them about the same amount of inside space, it will also provide them with appropriate storage, a functional kitchen, modern bathroom amenities and access to an outside space.

She said with the outside area meeting the Girl Guides Australia standards, they will now be able to use it for camping and weekend activities.

Mrs Manns said previously their nearest approved ‘camp’ was Dubbo.

“We also use Ward Oval regularly for our activities, so being that much closer will be an advantage,” she said.

Council has awarded the tender to a local builder and work is expected to commence next month.

Mrs Manns said they are currently negotiating for a workable space to use in the interim and also packing up what is usable in the hall.

“Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be in our ‘new’ hall,” she said.