Preschool using new technology to connect with parents

Cobar Preschool staff are using new technology to ensure parents and grandparents can keep up to date with what their children are doing each day at Preschool. Pictured above are staff members Alice Flynn and Michelle Deppeler last week updating the Storypark app with information and photos. ▪ Photo contributed

Cobar Preschool is using new technology to help engage preschool families in their children’s education.

Cobar Preschool director Kristi Martin said lots of parents and grandparents are now using the Storypark app to keep up to date with what their children are doing at preschool.

The app, which can be loaded onto iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets or computers, helps busy families to relive their child’s important moments at school and lets them become more involved in their child’s day to day learning.

Preschool staff can send photos, videos and updates to parents about what their children are doing at school.

Parents can also choose to then share the information with grandparents or other family members.

Mrs Martin said the Storypark app is a great way to record and communicate information to parents and helps to increase family involvement in the school.

She said they have received great feedback from parents saying they love that they can see photos and videos of their children having fun and developing at preschool.

“It’s a great way to keep the parents involved in their education.

“I think nearly every parent now uses the Storypark app,” she said.