Pool’s rock memorial to be dedicated to Marg and Setts

a print Commemorative Rock for Marg & Setts Ben Broughton, Wendy Robinson, Chris Higgins and Jamie Roche (7)
A large rock memorial was installed at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool last Friday dedicated to Margaret and Ian ‘Setts’ Settree, who were tragically killed last year. Pictured are some of those involved in the project, Ben Broughton, Wendy Robinson (Margaret and Setts’ daughter), Chris Higgins and Jamie Roche.

A large rock memorial to honour the memory of two ‘larger than life’ members of the Cobar community will be officially unveiled tomorrow morning at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool.

The memorial to Margaret and Ian ‘Setts’ Settree was a community project undertaken with permission from Cobar Shire Council and aims to honour the memory of the couple who were tragically killed on December 3 last year.

Since their deaths, which devastated Cobar and the wider community, a number of people suggested a memorial could be created to honour Margaret and Setts’ memory.

As ‘Setts’ was an avid swimmer and long time member of the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Club and spent a lot of his time at the pool, it was an obvious location for the memorial.

There were a number of family members and friends of the couple involved in the project.

A large bush rock that was deemed suitable was found on the 75km ‘halfway hill’ to Louth and transported to Cobar where it was cleaned up and then cemented into place on the front lawn of the pool last Friday.

A dedication plaque is to be mounted on the rock with information about the couple and the contribution they made to the Cobar community.

The community is invited to tomorrow’s dedication ceremony at the pool.