Peak offers ongoing support to Copper City Men’s Shed

The Copper City Men’s Shed was pleased to recently receive another donation from the Peak Gold Mine to enable them to install a second fixings cupboard. Peak staff Mark Cesnick and Samantha Lloyd paid a visit to the Men’s Shed on Friday to inspect the new cupboard and met with shed members Isaac Theakston, Tony Punzet, Heinz Goldmann, Gordon Hill, Frank Difilippo and Lance Porter

The Peak Gold Mine has recently provided another donation to the Copper City men’s Shed which enabled the committee to purchase a second fixings cupboard to help keep the shed an organised work space.

Peak’s maintenance manager Mark Cesnick visited the Men’s Shed on Friday morning to see the newly installed equipment the mine’s donation of $1,100 had helped to purchase.

Mr Cesnick was impressed with the shed’s set up and was interested to hear about the good work the Men’s Shed members were doing in the community.

“It’s a real honour to be part of the journey process and to see the positive impact Men’s Sheds have on people’s lives and the social impacts it has on the community.

“It’s also great role modelling for young men. We are keen to continue to support the program and the process,” Mr Cesnick said.