Peaceful Cobar life appeals to our newest Australians

Acting mayor Peter Abbott presided over an Australian Citizenship ceremony as part of Australia Day activities on Sunday and welcomed new Australian citizens Dr Afshin
Farajollahi and his wife Mona Teimouri from Iran, Pharhana Aktar Tipa (Bangladesh), Columbian born Adrian Garcia Tabres and Juliana Castaño Molano (with their daughters Salome and Mariana) and Wannee Bell from Thailand.

Becoming an Australian citizen is all part of a love story for two of Cobar’s newest Australian citizens.

Columbian-born Adrian Garcia Tabres and Juliana Castaño Molano both originate from the same city in Columbia, but only met in Australia after came here to further their studies.

The pair were among a group of seven new Australian citizens who came to Cobar through work opportunities.

All made their pledge of commitment to Australia at a Citizenship Ceremony conducted by Cobar Shire Council on Sunday as part of the 2020 Australia Day activities.

After meeting in 2010, Adrian and Juliana have since married and have two daughters, five year old Salome and two year old Mariana. Both girls were both born in Australia.

It was a work opportunity at the CSA Mine for metallurgist Adrian that brought the family to Cobar and another work opportunity in Parkes has seen the family recently move on.

“Australia is home for us,” Juliana told The Cobar Weekly.

Adrian said they enjoy the freedom they have in Australia and the quality of life they live which ensures they have plenty of family time together.

Pharhana Aktar Tipa came to Cobar in 2013 directly from Bangladesh with her husband Mohammad, who works as a chef at the mining camp. The couple said they love living in Cobar and have chosen to bring up their family here. Their youngest daughter, Manha, who is almost two, has the prestigious title of being an “Iron Ringer” (Cobar born and bred) after being an emergency delivery at Cobar Hospital.

Pharhana said she finds Australia to be a very peaceful country that provides her family with a “good life”.

Cobar Primary Health Care Centre doctor, Afshin Farajollahi and his wife Mona Teimouri from Iran, were also among the seven new Australian citizens.

After “falling in love with the place” on a holiday to Australia in 2007, Dr Afshin and his wife then made the choice to come and work in Australia. After four years working as a GP in Rockhampton, the couple moved to Cobar in December 2017.

Dr Afshin has also found Australia to be “very peaceful” and likes living in our “beautiful, small town where the people are very friendly”.

Wannee Bell from Thailand was also welcomed as a new Australian citizen.

Wannee has lived in Cobar for the past seven years with her husband and son and works at the Oasis Motel.

She said coming to Australia has given her a better life and she very much enjoys living in Cobar where the “people are very friendly”.