Over 100mm of rain in a week something to smile about

A sight for sore eyes: the Newey is full again after more than 100mm of rainfall in the past week, topping up the water storages after two months of above average rainfall
figures and proving to be joyful sight for locals after years of being virtually empty.

Rainfall measuring in some cases of more than 100mm has been recorded across the western area this past week.

After heavy falls last Sunday night, a second rain event started in the Cobar Shire last Wednesday with more falls recorded on Thursday, while the best results came from big storms on Friday night.

Burrendong Dam has also benefitted from the widespread rain, with its capacity rising to 11.6 per cent as of Tuesday.

A total of 115.2mm was recorded at the Cobar Meteorological Office from last Sunday through to Saturday morning, while residents on Annie’s Lane out near the airport reported a little less with 72mm from Thursday to Saturday.

The Johnsons at Glenhope, just east of Cobar on the Barrier Highway, were once again the biggest winners in the rain lottery recording an additional 105mm last week.

“The new vegie garden is loving it,” Marie Johnson said.

Falls of 90mm were recorded around Canbelego.

A total of 90mm was also recorded by
Kerrie Cain at Boorandarra north west of Cobar and near neighbour John Cain received 85mm at Buckwaroon while the Culls at Boonora Downs collected 118mm in their rain gauge.

Around Louth they received 58mm (with 50mm of that falling on Friday).

The rainfall was patchy across the south of the shire.

In the south west of the shire Jenny Hyde reported 70mm falling in 24 hours on Friday at The Meadows while further south Jenni Rogers at Kulwin had 36mm in their rain gauge and Bob Sinclair, whose property Berangabah sits on the edge of the Cobar and Carathool shires, received 42mm.

To the east around Nymagee Donna Cutting reports they received 65mm for the week at Lowan while Megan Mosely described the 100mm they received at Etiwanda as “proper wet”.

Last week over 100mm was recorded in Dubbo, 110mm in Parkes, 99mm in Nevertire, almost 80mm at Nyngan and 76mm at Narromine during the widespread falls.

A drier week is expected this week although there is the slight chance of a fall or two on Thursday and Friday.

Milder days are ahead and the nights should start to cool off.

A partly cloudy days is expected today with a top of 23.

Tomorrow should reach 24 with a slight chance of a shower, with almost identical conditions expected for Friday.

Saturday will have a low of 16 degrees before a top of 24 and should be partly cloudy.

Sunday will have a cool start, dropping to 12 overnight before a top of 23.

Monday is expected to have a top of 24 degrees with a sunny day.