New pharmacist keen to help with Cobar’s health needs

Sydney pharmacist Reshma Joseph has taken up the role as the new permanent pharmacist at the Cobar Pharmacy.

Cobar welcomed a new permanent Pharmacist, Reshma Joseph, who started at the Cobar Pharmacy last Monday.

Ms Joseph has been working in pharmacies in Sydney for almost five years and graduated a year ago from the University of Sydney.

She said she was looking for something different and when the opportunity came up to come and work in Cobar she decided to make the change to working in the country.

Ms Joseph admits she didn’t know too much about Cobar before applying for the position.

“It was a very big change to the city,” she told The Cobar Weekly.

However she did receive a good first impression of the town.

“Everyone is really nice. It’s however a bit dry and kind of isolated.

“I just jumped straight in, I figured it was going to be huge change whether I moved three hours or six hours away.

“I wanted something a bit different to what I was doing back home.”

Ms Joseph’s pharmacy areas of special interest include: diabetes, skin conditions, including acne and rosacea and vitamins.

“I like people and I want to go above and beyond for my customers,” she said.

She hopes to make Cobar her home “for a while” and when she’s not working she enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga, Pilates, reading, art, drawing and music.