New housing estate in the planning for old hospital site

Cobar Shire Council has expressed an interest in purchasing the old Cobar Hospital vacant site on Lerida Road for the purpose of developing a new housing estate.

Cobar Shire Council is looking at devel-oping a new housing estate in an effort to attract more families to come and live in Cobar.
Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko said investigations had been made into pur-chasing the now vacant site of the old Cobar Hospital on Lerida Road with the view to create a new housing estate.
“We’d like to turn the area into a residen-tial subdivision where quality homes can be built which may help to attract more doctors, nurses and other medical specialists to come and live in town, ” Mr Vlatko told The Co-bar Weekly.
He said a new housing estate may also help to attract other professionals to come and work and live in Cobar.
“We need to encourage people to come and live in the town and show that we are grow-ing,” he said.
Mr Vlatko said the new housing estate would complement the area which is adja-cent to the newly completed Cobar Health Service and the upgraded Lilliane Brady Village retirement home.
“That area could be a very nice precinct,” he said.
Mr Vlatko said council is investing in a number of infrastructure projects (including upgrading the Lilliane Brady Village, the Cobar Museum, Ward Oval and the Cobar Youth & Fitness Centre) which all aim to improve the livability of Cobar.