New doctor keen to experience Cobar’s laid-back lifestyle

The Cobar Primary Health Care Centre has welcomed a new doctor to the practice with Dr Afshin Farajollahi commencing duties last week. Dr Afshin came to Cobar from Rockhampton in Queensland where he has been working as a GP for the past four years.

The Cobar Primary Health Care Centre (CPHCC) last week welcomed a new doctor to the surgery.

Dr Afshin Farajollahi and his wife Mona recently arrived in Cobar from Queensland where Dr Afshin had been working as a GP in Rockhampton.

The couple are originally from Iran where Dr Afshin did his medical training.

“About 10 years ago, I travelled to Australia on holiday and I loved the place. I stayed in Sydney and travelled to some rural areas,” Dr Afshin told The Cobar Weekly.

“I find Australia to be a very peaceful

“I know Australia is among the top 10 countries of the world in many things like the standard of living, peace and education.

“It’s a good country for children as well and a place where there is more freedom.”

Dr Afshin said he was keen to work in a rural area, where he would be able to get a variety of different medical experiences.

“Cobar is a little bit different from where I worked before in Rockhampton which is a much bigger place.”

He said he learnt about the position in Cobar through a recruitment agency which also offered him a few other GP positions.

“I chose Cobar,” Dr Afshin said.

After a few days on the job, he was sure he’d made the right decision in coming here.

“The centre is very well organised.

“It’s a beautiful, small town and the people are very friendly,” he said.

“We’ve been to the golf and bowling club and to the shops.

“My wife loves shopping,” he said.

Dr Afshin specialises in dermatology, skin surgeries, chronic disease management and paediatrics.

He said his plan is to stay “possibly two years” in Cobar.

When he’s not working Dr Afshin and his wife like walking, swimming, playing pool as well as card games and computer games.

“I’d like to give my best service to the people of Cobar and be helpful,” he said.