New club member claims a win at CATS February triathlon

Khan Fugar, pictured on the final run leg, finished as the Handicap winner of the CATS’ triathlon event on Sunday.

There were four new competitors for the Cobar Athletics & Triathlon Squad (CATS) Club monthly triathlon event on Sunday.

Four competitors (two individuals and a team) tackled the Long Course of a 500m swim, 20km ride and 4km run while the remainder of the field completed the Short Course which was a 300m swim, 10km ride and 2km run.

Newbie Khan Fugar finished as the overall handicapped winner finishing four minutes ahead of his estimated time in the Short Course.

Fugar finished in 39min10sec, which was also the quickest time over the Short Course.

Zach Finn completed the Long Course in
1hr 19min 07sec, which was a personal best (PB) time for him and four minutes faster than his average time which placed him second in the handicapped event.

Cheryl Lewington was third after taking  more than three minutes off her average time in the Long Course to finish in a time of 1.26.43.

Lewington made up the time on her swim leg recording a new PB of 12min 28sec for the 500m swim.

Greg McKervey finished 4th overall recording a time of 39.29 for the Short Course.

McKervey was 2.5 minutes outside his nominated time (and just 48 seconds off his previous personal best time) after improving on all three legs.

Axel Fairfull and Chris Powell both shaved 1.5 minutes off their times and Zac Broughton improved on his time by 30 seconds.

The handicapper was working well on Sunday with only 43 seconds between 1st and 3rd placings and only 2 minutes 30 seconds separated 1st and 6th places.

While a number of competitors commented they found the going tough on the ride leg with  cross-breeze to deal with, it didn’t however seem to hamper McKervey and Finn who both set new PBs. McKervey completed his 10km ride in 23min 31sec while Finn recorded a time of 46.12 for his 20km ride leg.

Returning this season, Laura Andrew showed improvement to record a new PB in her swim leg after she completed the 300m in 6.31.