NDIS workshop encourages people to make own decisions

My Choice Matters ran an independent NDIS information workshop at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club yesterday. Pictured is workshop facilitator Gloria Boyle with local participants Melissa Phillips, Mark and Joan Madden and Bill and Sue Dillon.

A workshop held in Cobar yesterday aimed to help locals better understand the choices they have under the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

My Choice Matters, an independent non-government organisation that works with people with a disability and their families hosted the workshop.

Course facilitator Gloria Boyle said the My Choice Matters NDIS workshop differed from other NDIS workshops.

“One of the good things about our workshop is that it’s independent. A lot of other service providers are running workshops, and we try to give a neutral view on things,” Ms Boyle said.

She said at the start of the workshops she looks at the expectations of the participants.

Ms Boyle said one of the main things that people are asking at workshops is: Why is the current system changing?

“Sometimes people are anxious and even sometimes angry about the changes. They say, I’m happy the way things are, why do things have to change?

“The old system kind of didn’t really meet people’s needs and also so many people have not been receiving the support that needed it,” she said.

The My Choice Matters workshops are interactive and participants are able to ask questions as they go along and also participate in a range of activities. In addition to the hands-on activities, participants were also given some take-home tools.