Men’s Shed members stay connected

While the local Men’s Shed may be still closed under COVID-19 restrictions, members are staying connected through a series of morning teas. Pictured at Men’s Shed
coordinator Gordon Hill’s home last Friday are some of the members enjoying a cuppa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented members of the Copper City Men’s Shed from meeting twice weekly however it hasn’t stopped them from connecting and working on local projects.

Men’s Shed coordinator Gordon Hill said restrictions imposed by NSW Health during the pandemic have prevented Men’s Shed gatherings as many of their members fall into the most COVID-19 vulnerable group (over 65s).

Mr Hill said he looked for alternate ways where members could still keep occupied and also stay connected.

He said a number of members have been working at home on a variety of projects including the manufacture of benches and stands, making shop fronts and mud kitchens for St John’s School and chopping kindling.

“We’ve been trying to involve as many members as we can at home,” Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill has also been hosting morning teas at his home in small groups to ensure members stay connected with each other.