Lotto division one prize goes to a local

Cobar’s mystery TattsLotto division one winner has been found but it’s taken a while for Carl Young to let that all sink in.
The local farmer had gone about his week as usual, without realising he had a division one winning Saturday Lotto ticket stuffed in his wallet.
After reading our front page report last week that someone in Cobar had won, Carl decided he should check his ticket however he didn’t hold out much hope that his entry was the win-ner.
Carl rang his daughter in Sydney and asked her to check his numbers online. (They were the same ones he’s played for years.)
When she told him, “Dad I think you’ve won $800,000,” Carl replied, “Bullsh#t you must have pressed the wrong button”.
“Anyway I decided to go into town and it got sorted out in there with Anni,” Carl said.
The Cobar Newsagency confirmed Carl was the mystery winner who will share the division one prize from last Saturday’s Lotto draw 4175 with six others across Australia.
Each entry will receive $834,643.56.
When asked by The Cobar Weekly what he planned to do with the money, Carl said he’d received a fair bit of advice from his family.
“Some of them said to get a financial con-sultant.
“I’ve had advice from bank managers, solic-itors and all them blokes over the years and it all seems to go wrong, so I guess I’ll have to make my own plan.
“I am pleased to win it, no doubt about that, I’ve been buying tickets for years.”
When we asked Carl if he might buy a new car, he said “Oh no, I just brough a second-hand one for $3,000, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so I don’t want another one!”
Apart from celebrating with a few beers at the Great Western after he found out the news of his win last week, Carl said he plans to share his new wealth with the newsagency, the supermarket, with BRilliams, KML and the other local businesses where he usually frequents.
Carl said he hopes the win will help to keep a few locals in jobs. He also hopes his win will encourage others to take a chance like he did.
“I’ve got a ticket in next week’s draw,” he cheekily said.