Locals on board with Silver Tank Sound Chapel project

Music composer Georges Lentz, world renowned architect Glenn Murcutt and local
builder Shane Martin at the Silver Tank on the Chalky Road where they plan to build a Sound Chapel. Mr Lentz envisages the Sound Chapel be a peaceful space to listen to
music while gazing at the stars. ▪ Photo courtesy of Klae McGuiness Photography

Local builder Shane Martin and photographer Klae McGuinness have signed on to bring music composer Georges Lentz’ idea of a Sound Chapel in Cobar into a reality.

Mr Lentz first visited Cobar in 2008 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and said he instantly liked the town and its people.

In 2016 an idea started to form to build a Sound Chapel in Cobar to create a peaceful space to listen to music while gazing at the stars.

On a return trip to Cobar in 2018 Mr Lentz discovered the abandoned Silver Tank 4km from Cobar on the Chalky Road which he described as “beautifully resonant” with natural acoustics.

Mr Lentz and world renowned architect Glenn Murcutt, who has joined him on the project, were in Cobar again on Monday to meet with builder Shane Martin from Cynend.

Mr Lentz said he was very happy that Mr Martin fully understood the Sound Chapel concept they hope to achieve and that by employing a local builder it meant the money would stay in Cobar.

Australian filmmaker Catherine Hunter also came along on this trip.

Mr Lentz said Ms Hunter is making a documentary of the project which he hopes will screen on the ABC and all around the world.

Local photographer Klae McGuinness has been invited to help with the documentary taking photos and video footage at each stage of the build.

Mr Lentz said he pleased that the locals are all “really enthusiastic” and “immersed” in the project.

“It is certainly something different and I believe it will be magical when it is done.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

“Jobs like ours, if I may say so myself, don’t come along every other day,” he said.

Mr Lentz also met with Cobar Shire Council’s acting general manager Kym Miller to discuss the progress of their development application for the project.

“We’re just waiting for that to be finalised,” Mr Lentz said.

“We do need to get going because we’ve only got our grant money until February 2021.”