Local’s collection of memories immortalised in glossy book


Bob Chambers spent a lot of time and hard work compiling a book about his life, ‘While The Billy Boils’ and said he’s absolutely pleased with the end result.

Local well-known retired grazier Bob Chambers has recently written a book about his life for his family and friends.

The book is entitled ‘While The Billy Boils’ and tells of his family life, his experiences as a young stockman in rural Victoria; and the life-changing decision to move with from his original home in Ballan in Victoria to their Cobar property, ‘Osterley Downs’.

“Moving from a farm of 680 acres to a property of 68,000 acres was very daunting,” Bob said.

“Little tips from neighbours made the transaction much easier.”

Known to his family and friends as a bit of a story-teller, Bob has also chronicled some
of his many “yarns” in ‘While The Billy Boils’.

Bob said the experience of recalling and writing down his life’s stories and going through hundreds of family photos was a big job and there were times when he thought of throwing in the towel.

“Everyone should jot down their life’s memories to be handed to future generations, says me who was threatened on many occasions by Pauline with a cattle prodder to keep working,”  Bob said.

Bob was grateful for the help he received from his partner Pauline Hunter, who acted as his scribe, writing down his memories, and also a motivator to keep him on task.

The book is visually stunning which Bob credits to his publisher, Tahnee Tomek from The Cobar Weekly, who pulled the whole project together.

“Tahnee’s expertise in collating my book is nothing short of amazing.

“After seeing other samples of her work, I knew she was the person who would give me a finished product I could be proud of,” Bob said.

He also praised the book’s printer, Aaron McMillan at the Colour Copy Shop in Dubbo.

“Accolades must also be given to a young lady who I took on as my granddaughter, Samantha Smith, for the photography work put into my book’s amazing cover.

“She is also responsible for other ‘While The Billy Boils’ scenes throughout the book’s pages.”

Bob said he was very grateful for the help he received.

“The proud feeling you get when you see the finished product makes it all worthwhile,” he said.

Just after Bob completed his book and it was handed over to the printers, a house fire destroyed many of his family photos.

Fortunately many of them were used in the book and so those memories were not lost