Local footy players tackle domestic violence initiative

Cobar Roosterettes ladies League Tag player Laura Ah-See is one of a number of locals featured in a Country Rugby League video project aiming to tackle domestic violence education and awareness.

Cobar’s Laura Ah-See has played a starring role in a Country Rugby League (CRL) short video that aims to tackle Domestic Violence (DV).

Laura appears in one of the 10 Tackling Violence Program short films that are being delivered to CRL clubs across the state as part of an education and awareness initiative.

The films were put together by Limelight Creative Media, Newcastle.

Laura said when Cobar Roosters Rugby League Club president Chris Deighton approached her in October last year to take part, she really didn’t have much of an idea about the project, but was keen to support the club.

“I was stoked about the films once I saw the finished products,” Laura told The Cobar Weekly.

“To be in the same clips as icons such as David Peachey and Andrew Ryan, even the CEO of CRL, was pretty overwhelming.

“It was a great opportunity to work with these people to send such a strong message to educate people about Domestic and Family Violence for Country Rugby League.

“I just felt so proud.

“Being able to represent the Cobar Roosters in something like that is phenomenal,” she said.

The project was a perfect match up for the Cobar Roosterettes League Tag player who is also a Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Worker and the chair of the Cobar Mental Health Network.

“I am passionate about supporting people and sharing my experiences around DV and mental health and this was a great opportunity to do so,” Laura said.

“The campaign is about educating and raising awareness about family and domestic violence, supporting each other to seek help if you are the perpetrator or victim instead of being ‘bystanders’, setting better examples for our kids for their futures in relationships and changing our attitudes and behaviours towards women.

“A few of us shared our experiences with Domestic and Family Violence to portray the effects it has on victims and children,” Laura said.

“My mum was killed by her partner when I was 13.

“I was also a victim of DV for a number of years, so this is very close to my heart.”

Other Roosters club members Chris Deighton and Vincent Willis also feature in the CRL Tackling Domestic Violence series.

Laura said she was very proud to have been able to connect with people and share her story in attempt to make a positive difference.

“I am also very proud of Vinnie and Chris for taking part and speaking about it too,” she said.