Local firies get on board with aircraft safety procedures

Station 256 firefighter Mark Aumua was among the local crew who learned more about FlyPelican’s aircraft safety
procedures as the airline begins regular services from Cobar to Dubbo and Sydney. ▪ Photo contributed

Local firefighters were recently invited to learn about FlyPelican’s aircraft safety procedures.

Cobar Fire Station 256’s deputy captain Alex Lennon said members of the brigade underwent a familiarisation of the airline’s aircraft and the company’s safety procedures so that in the event of an emergency, they would be able to help out.

“We learnt how to isolate the batteries, the location of the fuel and cargo, how to gain emergency access, how to isolate the fuel and shut down the aircraft if the pilots are incapacitated and also how to tow the aircraft if needed,” Mr Lennon said.

“We discussed how to incorporate the training we already have for aircraft incidents with the characteristics of this particular aircraft.

“It is the first time we have been invited to participate in a familiarisation by a carrier service and hats off to FlyPelican for showing this initiative,” Mr Lennon said.

Members of the CSA Mines Rescue team also attended the training session.

“The community can rest assured that even though we are a remote community, in the event we have an air emergency, the local emergency services are well equipped and trained to the same level as the teams in larger cities to deal with any scenario,” Mr Lennon said.