Live stream gives the public more access to council

Cobar Shire Council has installed new technology in the council chambers to allow the live-streaming of meetings.

Local residents can tune in tomorrow to watch Cobar Shire Council’s October Ordinary Meeting live from the comfort of their loungerooms.

Or if tomorrow afternoon doesn’t suit and you’d still like to catch up with what went on at the meeting, you can log into council’s website over the weekend and view the meeting.

Cobar Shire Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko said council has been proactive and introduced the recorded meetings.

“We see this as supporting and managing the meetings,” Mr Vlatko told The Cobar Weekly.

“Councillors will only be able to speak when their microphone is turned on which will add to the order of the meeting.”

Mr Vlatko said the mayor, who currently has control of council’s meetings, will also have control of the microphones.

“The mayor will have the power to turn someone’s microphone off if they are not acting in accordance with meeting procedures,” he said.

This will ensure councillors are not speaking out of order or trying to speak over the top of other councillors during the meeting.

From tomorrow council’s ordinary meetings (except the rural council meetings) will all be streamed live.