Knight takes a step back from the top job

Cobar Junior Rugby League elected their new committee for the 2021 season at their annual general meeting on Sunday. Pictured are :Simone Knight (vice president), Emma Barton (registrar), Genie McMullen (new president); Kim Greenwood (new secretary) and Chris Brown (treasurer, public officer and canteen coordinator).

After eight years in the president’s role, Simone Knight has stepped aside and handed over the running of the Cobar Junior Rugby League Club to her former vice president Genie McMullen.

In an emotional outgoing President’s Address to Sunday’s annual general meeting, Mrs Knight said she was honoured to have been able to equal the record of service as president with Tom Knight, whom the club’s oval is named in honour of.

“I’m really honoured that people want me to stay,” Mrs Knight said but that she had thought long and hard about making the decision to step aside.

Mrs Knight said her final year as president had been “a year like no other for Rugby League in Cobar” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The season was half the length they would normally play and they were not able to play representative, school competitions or have a club trip.

With a number of families leaving town earlier this year there was also a change in the age groups nominated to compete in the Dubbo & District Junior Rugby League competition this season.

Mrs Knight said the growth this year in the numbers in the Under 6s and Under 8s age divisions was a promising sign for the future of Rugby League in Cobar.

“Whilst the scoreboard isn’t always in our favour, that scoreboard doesn’t reflect the effort, the passion and drive our kids and coaches display each week in and week out,” Mrs Knight said.

“It doesn’t show the mateship, support and the spirit of this club and its members.

“It doesn’t show the persistence and growth of our kids both on and off the sporting field.

“And while a winning scoreboard is always great, I personally take more pride in seeing the kids love their footy, building bonds with their coaches and teammates, and being able to do something they couldn’t do before.

“It’s the resilience that is built from being beaten and coming back the next week to better yourselves, that is the real strength of our club,” Mrs Knight said.

“Being president of this club has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life.”

She said while at times it had been difficult and challenging, it was still a wonderful experience.

While Mrs Knight has stepped down from the president’s role, she is however still keen to be involved with the club and has taken on the vice president’s role to guide Mrs McMullen in her first year as president.

Chris Brown was returned as the club’s treasurer, public officer and canteen coordinator.

Emma Barton was returned as registrar with Carly Hunter joining her as assistant registrar.

A new secretary was elected with Kim Greenwood taking over from Kelly Fairbank who has been the club’s secretary for the past four years.

New Mini/Mods coordinators were elected along with an additional canteen coordinator for the Mini League Sunday games, a coach/training coordinator and a travel/bus manager.