Junior soccer season kicks off in beautiful weather

Mini’s players from the Cobar Junior Soccer Club’s Wanderers team, Max Ellison, Jake McKervey, Abigail Theakston and Sam McKervey were excited to play their first soccer game of the season on Saturday morning at Ward Oval

It was beautiful weather on Saturday morning for the Cobar Junior Soccer Club’s first games of the 2021 season.
Four Minis teams chased the ball around the field at Ward Oval with some great goals be-ing scored.
Among the Minis award winners wer Joe Arnold took home the Gumnuts Milkshake Award as a stand-out in his United team while Josh McMillian won the Cobar Hotbake Donut Award.
In the Mids division, an even game was played with the final score tied at 3-all.
Phoebe Travis and Henry Ntamuhanga scored for Rovers while Piper Allen and Alfie Toomey goaled for Liverpool.
Spurs and Rangers battled it out in the Sen-iors division with Rangers narrowly taking the game with a 3-2 win.
The Skills awards went to Greg McKervey and Ethan McLeod while Braiden Jones and Jayden Cryer collected the Sportsmanship awards. Registration is still open for new players