Iron Ringers scope out a suitable site for monument

A patch of currently unused land adjacent to the Cobar Miners Memorial and opposite The Great Cobar Museum is being investigated as a possible site for an Iron Ringer monument. Pictured above are members of the Iron Ringers committee, David Snelson, Kay Stingemore, Demi Smith, Emma Barton, John Collins, Dale McLeod and Cr Kate Winders inspecting the site last Wednesday.

The Cobar Iron Ringers committee met again last week and are now moving for-ward with a plan to construct an Iron Ringer monument.
The widely accepted meaning of the title of Iron Ringer is someone who was born in Co-bar and was coined by a former eminent Co-bar identity, Clarrie Pretty, in the 1960s.
Mr Pretty was a Cobar-minded man who served on countless committees, and was known for his exceptional public speaking skills.
He was held in high esteem by the Cobar community.
At last week’s meeting, the committee unanimously decided the unique term of ‘Iron Ringer’ could only be bestowed on a person who was born in Cobar.
They also decided to form an Iron Ringer Club into which they would also welcome Members of the Iron Ring (people who were not born in Cobar but had lived here for many years or who had made significant contribu-tions to the town).
The committee also floated the idea of an Iron Ring-in, which could be an honorary title that could be given to visitors, including tour-ists, for a day.
Much discussion was also had around the building of an Iron Ring monument, what it might look like, how funding might be ob-tained to build it and a suitable location for it.
The meeting concluded with a visit to a proposed site, on the eastern approach to town adjacent to the Cobar Miners Memorial and directly opposite The Great Cobar Museum.
The committee will meet again early next year to further progress their ideas.