How to correctly handle all the things that bite and sting

Experienced herpetologist Julian Craig with ‘Things that Bite ‘n’ Sting’ workshop participant Russell Grant getting
acquainted with a snake last Thursday night at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club.
▪ Photo contributed

In addition to providing snake handling courses for their own Peak Gold Mines personnel last week, Aurelia Metals also held a ‘Things that Bite ‘n’ Sting’ community information session at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club on Thursday night.

Experienced herpetologist Julian Craig hosted the two and a half hour session which had a focus on first aid treatment for some of Australia’s most venomous creatures including snakes, spiders, centipedes and more.

Peak Mine’s environment and social responsibility advisor, Samantha Lloyd said the small group of eight community members were able to experience a great interactive session.

“Throughout the evening, attendees explained real-life scenarios whereby people had come face-to-face with snakes at their home, in the bush or in their workplace.

“Julian provided advice and education on how to respond to a snake sighting and the steps that should be undertaken to manage the situation,” Ms Lloyd said.

Participants “got up close and personal” with a range of snakes, including holding a python, letting snakes crawl over their boots which demonstrated a snake’s behaviour response to movement.

Mr Craig also demonstrated the correct First Aid methods in the event of a snake, spider or centipede bite.

In addition to the community sessions, Mr Craig conducted more in-depth two day courses for 10 Peak personnel.