Health hearing to be held in Cobar

Cobar has been confirmed as one of six rural towns where the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry will hold hearings as part of Rural and Regional Health Inquiry.

Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park said Labor welcomed the Parliamentary Inquiry conducting hearings in many of the affected communities.

Mr Park said the announcement came after more than 700 people from regional and rural communities made harrowing submissions to the Inquiry, highlighting a system that is overstretched, under-resourced and plagued by chronic doctor shortages.

He said having hearings held in regional and rural locations will provide a holistic response to the issues faced by these communities.

“This is an important opportunity for rural and regional communities to share their experience and stories and inform changes to healthcare across the state,” Mr Park said.

“The Government’s left rural and regional communities behind with less access to services and declining health outcomes.”

Shadow Minister for Rural Health Kate Washington said a number of shocking revelations have already come to light before the hearings have begun.

“Towns without doctors, hospitals without bandages and people without the care they need are just some of the devastating stories we’ve heard so far,” Ms Washington said.

“This is why we fought for an inquiry.

“It is about giving people a voice, and we’ll keep fighting because our regional communities deserve better. I hope the Government is listening to what is really happening in rural and regional NSW.”