GIVIT donations help drive Cobar’s economy in dry times

Local business owner Gail Russell of Landmark Russell met with GIVIT’s NSW Drought Relief Manager Scott Barrett when he visited Cobar on Thursday. Landmark Russell were one of a number of local businesses that GIVIT has bought vouchers from to help drought affected farmers in the Cobar area.

Scott Barrett, NSW Drought Relief Manager of online charity group GIVIT, was in Cobar last Thursday buying over $20,000 worth of vouchers from local business to give to those affected by the drought.

GIVIT is a not-for-profit organisation connecting those who need with those willing to give.

“We have a contract with the State Government to coordinate drought donations so money comes to us and we give it out to charities that need it,” Mr Barrett said.

“The way GIVIT works is a bit like a match making service that matches people who want to give stuff to people who need it,” Mr Barrett said.

“Rather then me just bringing stuff to Cobar that I think people need, I work with local charities in the area to find out what people actually need and the best way to get it to them.

“The items we supply are quite diverse as the needs are different in every town so we try and meet those needs.

“Today I’ve spent between $20,000 and $25,000 in local shops in Cobar.

“We’ve done fuel vouchers, food vouchers, water vouchers, rural supply shop vouchers, and vouchers to a clothing shop, all in town.

“On top of that I’m going to buy a couple sets of tyres and a pressure pump.

“These are things people actually need at the moment,” Mr Barret said.

He said rather than put the money people have donated to GIVIT for drought in a tin, they can see specifically the items that have been bought with their donations.

“It’s not just farmers we work with, a number of people get affected by droughts.”

Mr Barrett said they’d like to see more charities and organisations (like the Salvo’s, Rotary, CWA and Landcare groups who have already come on board) sign up.

He said it’s these groups who are the ones who can help get the money out to people who need it.