Girl Guides spreading joy in Cobar one biscuit at a time

The Cobar Weekly staff (Tahnee Tomek, Meredith Broughton and Kristy Hay) were
feeling the love last week when they received a very special delivery of homemade biscuits from Girl Guides Isla and Cora McKervey as part of the Guides initiative to bring
happiness to Cobar. They sure did that and the biscuits were delicious!

Cobar’s Girl Guides were out and about spreading a little happiness around town last week with special deliveries of home made biscuits.

The ‘Bake and Take’ activity was part of their Bringing Happiness initiative, which has been a part of the Girl Guides’ learning for a number of years.

Girl Guides parent Louise McKervey said last week’s deliveries were the first ever ‘Bake and Take’, which was very well received by the community.

The Girl Guides made deliveries to a number of local businesses (including The Cobar Weekly), as well as the library, Great Cobar Heritage Centre, Vinnies, Cobar Primary Health Care Centre, Cobar Hospital (for the nurses), Cobar’s fire and ambulance stations, and the Copper City Men’s Shed to name a few.

“They’ve been learning to cook all year at Guides, all sorts of things—dinners, baking, cooking on camp fires, and making pasta from scratch,” Mrs McKervey said.

She said the Bake and Take combined their cooking skills with the Bringing Happiness initiative, and helps the girls work towards their ‘Life Skills—Cooking Trefoil 1’ Badge.

While the Guides are currently unable to cook at their hall, a planned move to a new location in the future will allow that.

Mrs McKervey said the Guides’ parents gave a lot of assistance with the Bake and Take project.

“It’s great to have so much support from the parents, it means we can tackle bigger ideas and the kids can be making the impact they are hoping for,” she said.