Darts season is over before it begins

The new Darts season had barely gotten underway before it was called off due to the announcement on Monday that their playing venues (pubs and clubs) would be closing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The games however went ahead last week with Golfie Gophers the biggest winners of the week with an 8-3 victory over Western Benchwarmers; Golfie Dartaholics beat RSL Diggers 7-4 and Empire Barflies also finished with a 7-4 win over Empire Pirates.

Golfie Spearchuckers missed their last opportunity to play as they had the bye.

Hundreds and high scores were thrown by: Golfie Gophers—Latisha Bennett 101, Lesley Jones 111, Jim Nicholls 100 and Chris Hooker 100,100; Western Benchwarmers—Zach Finn 100 and Kylie Scales 112; Golfie Dartaholics—Craig Jones 121; RSL Diggers—Shane Haddy 100, Tony Brown 100,100, Maurice Bell 110 and Tyler Roberts 114; Empire Barflies—Craig Youd 140,100; Empire Pirates—Jacob Ryan 124,117, John-Wayne Josephson 100, Travis Buchanan 105,140, Waylon Ward 100,114 and Terry Clyde 125.

The highest peg outs of the week were 47 for the ladies (Lesley Jones) and 58 for men (Craig Jones) and the men’s and ladies highest scores of the week were 112 for ladies by Kylie Scales and 140 for men recorded by both Craig Youd and Travis Buchanan.